• Feb. 05 -- Abel
  • Feb. 12 -- Enoch
  • Feb. 26 -- Rahab
  • Mar. 5 -- Esther
  • Mar. 12 -- Hosea
  • Mar. 19 -- Jesus

Heroes of Faith

This series is about learning how to deal with our faith in today's world, by learning about 6 heroes in the Bible who maintained their Faith in the midst of critical circumstances. 



Family dysfunction is something that nearly everyone has experienced; even the earth's first family. Abel became a Hero of Faith when he put his family's past mistakes and dysfunction behind him and offered God the first acceptable offering. Faith is a conscious decision of the heart. We must decided to let go of past dysfunctions and embrace God's supreme functionality!


Enoch's faith was so great that it directly affected his life on Earth. Can you imagine having the kind of faith that affects the world around you? We need the kind of faith that spreads to our family and changes the lives of those around us.


Rahab, not a likely Hero of Faith, was a prostitute. For years she had allowed lying men into her home and used a scarlet cord raise and lower them through her window. When two Israelite spies showed up at he house, they asked for something different than any of the previous men. Rahab's faith soared and the same scarlet cord that had been a symbol of her sin became a symbol of her salvation. 


Esther's faith was shown through her humility and grace. She stood strong while facing death. Esther's faith allowed her to save and bring justice to God's people.